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Struggling with that first reading in Old English? Check out Psalm 1 with Extreme Annotation, a printable guide to Minitext A in Chapter 5 of Introduction to Old English. Download it in either A4 or U.S. Letter format.


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The Old English Aerobics

The Old English Aerobics Anthology presents the texts from Peter S. Baker, Introduction to Old English, in an easy-to-use online form. Just click or tap a word to find out its definition and grammatical form; click or tap clauses, idioms, and annotated stretches of text in the same way. Some of the texts will even read themselves aloud to you.

The 2nd ed. of Introduction to Old English contains some texts that are no longer in the 3rd ed. These will always be available here: just scroll down to the “Retired Texts” section to find them.

Texts in the 3rd edition

  1. The Fall of Adam and Eve (Genesis 3) (no login required)
  2. Ælfric: Life of St Æthelthryth
  3. Cynewulf and Cyneheard (now with sound!)
  4. The Martyrdom of Ælfheah
  5. Wulfstan, Sermo Lupi ad Anglos
  6. Alfred the Great's Preface to Gregory's Pastoral Care (now with sound!)
  7. Ohthere and Wulfstan
  8. The Story of Caedmon
  9. Boethius on Fame
  10. A Selection of Riddles (no login required)
  11. The Battle of Maldon
  12. The Wanderer
  13. The Dream of the Rood
  14. The Battle of Finnesburh
  15. Waldere
  16. Wulf and Eadwacer (no login required)
  17. The Wife's Lament
  18. The Husband's Message
  19. Judith


  1. Psalm 1 (Ch. 5)
    See also Psalm 1 with Extreme Annotation, PDF file in A4 or Letter format.
  2. A Miracle of St Benedict (Ch. 6)
  3. Wulfstan: The Apostles’ Creed (Ch. 7)
  4. On Danish Fashion (Ch. 8)
  5. Weeks of the Year (Ch. 9)
  6. A Vision of Hell (Ch. 10)
  7. From Solomon and Saturn (Ch. 11)
  8. Orosius on the Reign of Caligula (Ch. 12)
  9. Riddle 80 (Ch. 13)
  10. Extract from Maxims I (Ch. 14)
  11. Grendel’s mere (Ch. 15)
  12. Two Riddles – printed book only (Ch. 16)
  13. Two Laws of Ine – printed book only (Ch. 16)

Retired texts

These texts appeared in the 2nd edition but have been removed from the third. However, they will always be available here. No login is required to access them.

  1. Ælfric on the Book of Job
  2. William the Conqueror
  3. A Lyric for Advent